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Solar Power & Renewable Energy Solutions from Jacksonville, Florida

Sunrise, Renewable Energy Solutions in Jacksonville, FL

Solar &Thermal Energy

With more than 30 years of experience as an innovative leader in the solar industry, Energy Labs is proud to introduce a revolutionary line of thermal energy systems that will increase your return investment by saving time on installations.

Our drain-back tanks are aesthetically superior and competitively priced. These uniquely designed products are American-made and fully assembled, resulting in easy installations and saved time.

Our CEO, Mike Newman

The technology and experience found in Energy Labs comes to us via Mike Newman. He has been on the cutting edge of our industry since his early career with MorningStar®, one of the largest US manufacturers of solar panels. Learn more about Mr. Newman's background!

Contact us today in Jacksonville, Florida, to learn more information about our exciting and cutting-edge solar panel systems!

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About Us

Energy Labs in Jacksonville, Florida, is a leading company in the research and development of solar power and renewable energy solutions. Since 1973, we have stayed on the cutting edge of these technologies, providing our services all over the globe. A new day is coming for solar energy, and it is definitely an idea whose time has come. We are innovators and leaders in our industry!

Our American-made production prototypes have undergone vigorous testing and have pending patents. Production lines have been set up, and business opportunities are available for those who wish to get into this market-leading technology. We treat all customers like the world revolves around them— quality is the difference between being average and number one, and nothing truly happens until something is sold!

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"Energy Labs has delivered more medium temperature solar/thermal technology than any other US company.
They probably account for 80% of the innovations in the industry." – Tex Wilkins, US-DOE Program Manager, 1996